Okinawa Gojuryu Karate Dojo
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​                          HOURS

Sunday                                          7am

Monday  thru Thursday                 6:30am Private Class
                                                      7pm      Class

Friday                                            6:30am

Etiquette/Training Guidelines
The following etiquette and training guidelines are designed to preserve appropriate martial arts traditions and to increase the safety and enjoyment of practice for all students: 
• Always arrive 15 minutes early before class
Remove your shoes and place them neatly when entering the training area. Remove all jewelry before practice.
Make sure fingernails and toenails are cut in order to avoid injury. Your Karate dogi must also be kept clean and neat.​
Karate can and should be practiced alone from time-to-time to develop the ability for self-directed study. To allow for this, open training time is provided on the schedule and students should try to attend such sessions as their schedule allows. 
Safety should be considered at all times. While karate is an activity with a lot of direct physical contact, all efforts to should be made to reduce the likelihood of injury during practice
If an injury occurs, either as a result of karate training or from another incident, it is very important that you give your body time to heal and recover before resuming training at full intensity.
Make sure you supplement your karate training with other conditioning and stretching activities in order to best prepare your body for advancement and long-term practice.
Drink plenty of water before training and as needed throughout practice sessions.
Respect your seniors and treat your juniors kindly. Also juniors do not correct your seniors or teach others
Welcome guests as fellow students and recognize the training opportunities that visitors present.
Be polite and cheerful.
Keep the practice area neat and clean.
Training fees are to be paid on time.
Ask permission before joining class late or leaving early. Also use the bathroom prior to training
When Sensei is explaining a technique, students should sit in seiza so that all can clearly see the demonstration.
Work hard to positively influence the progress of your classmates.

The opening of formal training

Japanese                              English
Shugo                                    Line up
Kiyotsuke                               Attention
Seiza                                      Kneel
Mokuso                                  Meditate
Mokuso yame                        Stop meditating
Sensei ni - rei                         Bow to sensei
O tage ni - rei                         Bow to training partners
Mae                                        Face front
Tatte                                       Stand up to begin training    

The close of formal training                            

Japanese                              English
Shugo                                    Line up
   Sensei will ask "Lessons learned"
Kiyotsuke                               Attention
Seiza                                      Kneel
Mokuso                                   Meditate
Mokuso yame                         Stop meditating


 Purify your mind

 Be mentally and physically sound

 Train hard to polish the human spirit

 Balance the Go and Ju

 Keep yourself and the dojo clean

 Self discipline hard training always

 Do Gods will always

Sensei ni - rei                         Bow to sensei
O tage ni - rei                         Bow to training partners
Mae                                        Face front